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Children will show these lines of connection very clearly. Similarly, the woman can discover the capacity to be regarded as a container. Sugar and spice and everything nice; that's what little girls are made of. The trouble is Sandra can? Of course Christine knows it and Wade are simply part of a bad nightmare. So we should ask what is it that socialization manages to foster, in such a way that we can become as responsive to stereotypic roles as it seems we are.

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It is, of course, true, that the sex roles assigned us by others are done on the basis of observable genatalia.

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Nightmare In... Collection One

My suggestion, then, is that both masculine and feminine perversions represent a mix of fascination, anger, and repugnance about something related to the expectations of ones sex role. The authors of the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual -- III Revised[4] elected to replace the pejorative term "perversion" with the less plainly judgmental term "paraphelias. One might respond with disgust to the excessive sweetness of the image of little girls: The fact is that the target phenomena of this paper -- perversion, eating disorders, and sex roles -- can each be clarified from the perspective of any of the classical Freudian psycho-sexual stages in reverse order of latency, the Oedipal conflicts of the phallic stage, the anal stage, or the oral, and equally from each of the stages of separation and individuation delineated by Mahler [10]. It also fits the account given of perversion. The point is made by the ubiquitous fellatio scenes in the pornographic movies, in which the woman is portrayed as taking delight in ingesting the man's visibly spilled semen:

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