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Sick of hearing your lies You burn down my fuse When it's me it's a mistake For you there's always an excuse Stick to the truth or please shut the fuck up Qualified bullshit that never seems to stop Try someone else I won't fall for no lies Get a life Throw it in my face, cut the bullshit You sit around and bite your fingertips A bunch of parasites with covered up tracks Get off my back 4. In The Flesh Carrying a heard the size of my head Got an angel on my back The leftovers of my face Is a leaden mask of death Drink my coffee black I sing with a voice full of scorn Behind my bony mask of face They call me the one with horns But at the end of the day, I'm just torn I don't think about things too much Sunken temples, sleeky smile I've been in the scene for much to long To not be vile I'm scared stiff about the fact That someday I'll slack Led astray in a world I once knew Used to be king now considered a fool I admire your burnt skin But is your flesh rotten right through? And now he's standing there, what the fuck's he doing here, I mean is he in love? Most deals don't need conclusion Yeah, right You're real good at looking out For things like your own back And you just dumped me In your neighbours garbage can I guess I'll never learn to understand Last time it didn't turn out the way I wanted This time it turned out to be something good Better grab my money in time to invest it Cuz the market round here Ain't really as it should It's far more universal To become an astronaut I scream my lungs out I'm not too sure of what you're all about Time out 8. Bara för att han gillar Zchlager.

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Byz - Baby Girl Lyrics.

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I can't control itI'm gon' lose itI lose it now   My dick is ready   I must use it   Hold it steady, I am shakin' like a motha'fucker every time I'm with you   And I know that it is mutual, Coz' I can see it in you. Add your thoughts 2 Comments. But I wanna beat that pussy up and down and all around   Make them sounds   That will disturb my neighboor   But fuck that shit they'll know Byz the pussy savior   And then she ask me      [Chorus]      Do you wanna’ fuck? Bara för att han gillar Zchlager. Do You Wanna Fuck? Zchlager nerd could be interpreted more like Zchlager enthusiast, because the Swedish word for nerd is a little more positive than the English one. Know something about this song or lyrics?

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what the fuck was that lyrics
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what the fuck was that lyrics
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